November 8, 2022 SAMPLE BALLOT
Fellow Republicans, Below you will find a "Sample Ballot" for the November 8, 2022 elections so you can familiarize yourselves …

A Message From The Chairman

Glynn GOP,

Welcome to our re-launched website.

We hope you will find this portal a useful tool to keep informed of general Republican news, GOP party info, and links to helpful information regarding voting, elections, as well as our county, state and federal elected officials.

The available content will grow and change over time as we learn more about the types of information access that you value.

Additionally, your county GOP executive committee is committed to complete transparency of the decisions and management of the Glynn GOP committee business. We will be posting meeting information, by-laws of the party and make available other records for GOP members upon request.

Thank you for your contributions to our party and we look forward to hearing from you.

Patrick Duncan

Glynn GOP Chairman

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